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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter: Pittsburgh Shrub Mulching Benefits

With winter approaching, you may think that you lawn work is finished.

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Preparing for Winter Means Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall

In many ways, applying a late-season fertilization on the lawn (which is often referred to as a winterizer).

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How to Keep Your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs Healthy

Healthy trees and shrubs depend on continuous maintenance and care throughout the year.

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Rust Disease in Pittsburgh Lawns: What to Look For

If you’ve seen yellow flecks on grass that turn yellow-orange and then reddish-brown.

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How Do You Know If You Have Active Grubs or Grub Damage?

Now that we’re heading into fall, you’re probably sighing in relief when you think of your lawn.

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Superior Lawn Care Fall Lawn Care Offer

Fall is the most important season for your lawn’s maintenance.

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How Cultural Practices Affect the Health of Your Lawn in the Summer

You’ve done everything that a homeowner should do to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

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Don’t Allow Summer Stress to Stress Out Your Lawn!

During hot, humid western Pennsylvania summers, you may wonder how to properly care for your lawn.

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Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Green with Preventative Grub Control Treatments

At the end of summer, if you’ve noticed that your lawn has brown patches, and you see birds.

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Japanese Beetles: Their Season Is Here!

Out of all of the pests that feed on plants, the Japanese beetle is the most destructive.

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