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Dollar Spot: A Lawn Disease That Requires Immediate Treatment

While it may not look like much of a scourge, dollar spot is a serious lawn disease that can infect and kill.

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My Lawn Has Yellow Patches! Is It the Weather—or Chinch Bugs?

During the hottest months of summer, you may notice that your lawn has yellow-brown patches.

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Invasion of the Crawling Insects! What Can You Do?

While we get to enjoy nice weather, summer vacations, cookouts, and holiday weekends.

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Cicadas Are Back! Should You Be Worried?

You may remember these large insects (some are up to two inches long) from the last time or two they visited.

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Red Thread Lawn Disease Q & A

You’re looking at your beautiful green lawn, when you notice a patch of color that you didn’t expect to see—pink!

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Lawn Treatments for Dandelions

Chances are, you’ve gone outside to enjoy the recent beautiful weather, and noticed those lovely yellow weeds – dandelions.

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Mole Problems? What to Do About These Common Pittsburgh Pests

We’ve been getting a lot of the calls in the past few weeks about mole activity at both homes and businesses.

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The Three Worst Things That Happened to your Lawn over Winter

Right now, it’s cold and there may be a layer of snow on top of your grass.

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