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Preparing Your Landscape for Winter: Pittsburgh Shrub Mulching Benefits


With winter approaching, you may think that you lawn work is finished. After all, the grass has been cut for the last time, core aeration is done, and fall fertilization has been applied. But even if the all debris has been removed, and you’re just waiting for the first big snowfall of the season, there’s still something do be done:  mulch coverage around both your roots and your ornamental trees.

You may think that mulching is an odd lawn “must have” for the late fall. After all, mulching is something that you do for the summer, right? It is, but mulching also helps protect your landscape investment in the colder months, too.

Mulching around Shrubs and Ornamental Trees Protects during the Winter

Late fall mulching around trees and shrubs can be highly beneficial. The main reason homeowners use mulch is to protect the plants’ roots from the harsh winter. Freeze and thaw conditions in western Pennsylvania and in the Pittsburgh area can cause root damage to ornamental trees and shrubs. The same damage happens when roots are exposed to temperature extremes. Mulch creates a kind of barrier between the cold, dry air and your plants’ roots, keeping the area warmer. You might be thinking: But doesn’t mulch keep plantings cooler in the summer? Yes, it does. It has a benefit for every season!


Late Fall Mulch Application
October through December is the ideal time to mulch your landscape. Hardwood mulch is best to use, since it lasts longer than finely shredded pine bark mulch and prevents soil erosion. When the mulch is applied around trees and bushes, there should be no more than a 3-inch layer. If you apply too much mulch, those piles will lead to rotting roots and stems, as well as harboring room for harmful insects and pests. By using a good hardwood mulch, you will receive the added benefit in late spring and summer that the mulch can bring by keeping moisture in the plant roots during hot, dry conditions. You’ll be saving money while protecting your landscaping investment.

Call or contact Superior Lawn Care services today for more information on shrub mulching in the fall. We serve all areas in southwestern PA, including Indiana, Cranberry, Wexford, Moon Township, Penn Township, and North Huntingdon.