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Grub Control

Southwestern Pennsylvania homes are subject to extensive and devastating damage from various types of white grubs, including May/June Beetles, masked chafers, oriental beetles, and Japanese beetles.

Grubs are the larvae of these pests. In their adult form, they lay their eggs in the lawn from early to late summer, depending on the type of species. These eggs typically hatch from mid-August through October, leaving the larvae to feed on the roots of the grass plants. Grub larvae are dirty, white and soft bodied and can usually be found on their sides in a C-shaped pattern right under the grass surface in the soil.

With heavy infestations, grubs can destroy grass plants causing them to turn brown. A distinguishing characteristic of grub damage is the affected area can be “rolled back like a carpet.” Often times these brown areas are missed or mistaken by the homeowner as “drought damage” after a hot, dry summer. Left untreated, the damage will continue and grass will not recover in these areas.


Superior Lawn Care offers a guaranteed grub control application to prevent this damage. The product will be applied typically from mid-June to early August before the grubs hatch in the lawn. With this material in place, grubs will not be able to feed on the lawn and cause damage. When properly applied within this time frame, one application a year is all that is needed to protect your investment in your lawn.

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