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Flea and Tick Control

Having an enjoyable and healthy outdoor living space not only means that your property looks beautiful, but that it’s also safe for you, your family, pets, guests, employees, or customers.

Superior Lawn Care offers a flea and tick control program to give home and business owners peace of mind. This program targets deer and dog ticks, as well as fleas.

In the past decade, Pennsylvania has seen an alarming increase in deer and dog ticks. In fact, between 2013 and 2014, the number of Lyme Disease cases (caused by infected tick bites) in the state rose by 25 percent. Dogs can also develop Lyme Disease from infected ticks. Additionally, both dogs and cats can bring in fleas from the outside, and then pass them along to other animals, causing itching and irritation.


Our Flea and Tick Control program will include surveying your yard for areas that may be harboring ticks, such as rock and mulch borders and the lawn areas around your home.

Then, our technicians will apply a combination of granular and liquid control options to target the different life stages of these pests from spring to fall. We will offer several flea and tick control choices depending on your yard and property.

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