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How Do You Know If You Have Active Grubs or Grub Damage?


Now that we’re heading into fall, you’re probably sighing in relief when you think of your lawn. After all, the hot, humid weather is just about finished, which means that you don’t have to water your lawn as often, and soon you’ll have a break from cutting it, too.

Southwestern PA Grub Problems

The season isn’t over yet, though—and there are still possible problems that you may see. The end of summer and early fall can actually be the most damaging to your lawn due to grub activity. Grubs are the larvae of beetles. In our area, this particular insect includes Japanese beetles, May/June beetles, and oriental beetles. These grubs are easily recognizable by their C-shaped, white appearance. Grubs typically hatch between late August and early October in our area and immediately start to feed on grass roots. After they eat the roots, they go deep into the ground and become dormant. Once the weather becomes warmer in the spring, they begin their metamorphosis into beetles. By summer, they emerge from the ground, eat, lay eggs, and the next generation of beetles begins.grass-lawn

How Do I Know That I Have Grubs?

Homeowners should look for the following signs during this time of year. You may see brown patches present and grass beginning to wilt in those sections. Your lawn may feel soft and spongy. Since the grubs are feeding on the roots, the lawn can sometimes be “rolled back” like a carpet, exposing white grubs at the soil surface. Another sign of grub activity can be the presence of skunks, raccoons, or even birds digging up the lawn as they look for grubs to eat.

If you recognize any these signs and think that you have active grubs, Superior Lawn Care can apply a curative grub control to help manage the problem and prevent further damage from occurring. If possible, this treatment should be heavily watered into your lawn so the applied product will begin working immediately.

Superior Lawn Care provides grub control applications anywhere in southwestern PA, including Wexford, Moon Township, Murrysville, Peters Township, Indiana, Upper St. Clair, and North Huntington. Call us today to ensure that you have a healthy, green lawn throughout the year.