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Superior Lawn Care Fall Lawn Care Offer


Fall is the most important season for your lawn’s maintenance. That’s because your turf is preparing for a long winter and is working to take in the nutrients and water and that it needs to continue through the important fall growing season, survive during the cold weather, and then thrive again in the spring.

Fall Lawn Care Maintenance Discount 

Superior Lawn Care has a great fall offer for our current customers, which combines aeration, lime, and overseeding. If you schedule your fall service now, you’ll save 6%. Our special offer includes:

  • Aeration. Aeration is the process of loosening dry, compacted soil. It reduces thatch, lets your lawn breathe, and allows moisture into the root zone of existing grass plants. Your lawn will then develop a stronger root system. Fall aeration also enhances the effects of overseeding because seeds have a greater chance to germinate in and around the holes and plugs caused by aeration.
  • Lime. Fall lime applications are important in reducing acidic soil conditions, which makes it easier to have greener grass and stronger root development. The right Ph balance of soil conditions also means that your lawn will respond better to fertilizer.
  • Overseeding. Fall overseeding continually strengthens your grass by introducing new and more vigorous varieties of grass seed into your lawn. With cooler temperatures and enough moisture, overseeding is best done in September through November. Coupled with aeration, overseeding is ideal for filling in minor bare spots and thin areas caused by disease or drought.

Used together, each of these services will help to ensure that your lawn is prepared for the winter and stays green and healthy year-round.

We recommend this full slate of services for every lawn, every fall. Areas that Superior covers include Indiana, Greensburg, Peters Township, Moon Township, Cranberry, and Uniontown, as well as most of southwestern Pennsylvania. Call or contact us today to learn more about our fall lawn service special for current customers.