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Preparing for Winter Means Fertilizing Your Lawn in the Fall


In many ways, applying a late-season fertilization on the lawn (which is often referred to as a winterizer) may be the most important fertilization for the entire year. Fall fertilization will enhance the grass plants’ ability to concentrate on root growth and recovery from summer stresses, like foot traffic and diseases.

What Does Fertilizer Do?

In the spring and summer, fertilizer is applied to grass to help replenish nutrients that may have been lost over the winter and to ensure that your lawn can withstand the many stresses of the summer. In the late fall, your lawn has other needs to prepare for the winter. A high-nitrogen fertilizer should be applied to:

  • Stimulate root growth
  • Build up energy reserves in the grass plant for winter, allowing the grass plant to draw from these vital energy reserves all winter long
  • Help grass retain its color when cool weather arrives
  • Strengthen the overall grass plant

Additionally, this fertilization’s benefits will carry over into the spring. When the lawn breaks dormancy around March, your lawn should be healthier, lush, and green. Fall fertilizer will also help fight early spring diseases such as snow mold. As you can see, there’s a reason why we think this service is so very important for the health of your lawn!

When Should Fall Fertilizer Be Applied?

Late October through December is optimal timing for this application in the Pittsburgh area. You want the nitrogen to be entrenched in the lawn so that there’s enough time for it to begin working before the weather gets cold and the snow begins to fall. As always, Superior Lawn Service is here to provide fall fertilization. It’s part of our five-step program that applies the right products at the right time of year. Call us to learn more about fall fertilization and our Five-Application Lawn Program. Superior Lawn Care services all areas in southwestern PA, including Wexford, Penn Township, Moon Township, Cranberry, North Huntingdon, and Indiana.