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At Superior Lawn Care, we understand how important it is to keep your lawn and landscape looking its best. For North Hills, Pittsburgh homeowners, a lush green lawn and manicured landscape adds value and curb appeal to your home, whereas for business owners, the appearance of your property makes an impression on your client.

North Hills, Pittsburgh homeowners and business owners can rest assured that their property is good hands with the Superior Lawn Care team.

Customer-Focused Lawn Care Service for Homeowners and Business Owners in North Hills, Pittsburgh

To keep your lawn looking great year after year, we offer a wide selection of quality services that focus on keeping your lawn healthy as well as disease and pest-free.

Bed Weed Control

Your beds are a focal point of your landscaping, but not when they are blemished by weeds. With our bed weed control services, we can keep your beds looking their best and protect your plant from being overtaken by unsightly weeds.

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Lawn Care Program

Our Five Application Lawn Care Program include effective treatments for Spring, Early Summer, Summer, Fall, and Late Fall to keep your lawn green, healthy, and insect and weed-free all year round. Our lawn care program will provide you with a green, carpeted lawn in the spring, summer, and fall, and will protect your lawn throughout the winter, using custom-blended fertilizer and nutrients as well as insect-control and weed control treatment.

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Trees and Shrub Care

We understand the investment you’ve made in your ornamental trees and shrubs and the interest they bring to your property, which is why we will provide them with proper care to keep them disease and insect-free.

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Pest Control

In the summer, crawling bugs want to get inside your home for water and shelter. To keep them out, we can set up an invisible barrier to keep centipede, spiders, and ants from invading your Wexford home.

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Residential Landscape Services

At Superior Lawn Care, we understand how time-consuming it can be for homeowners to care for their own lawn and landscape. To relieve North Hills, Pittsburgh homeowners of this burden, we offer a variety of landscape services to keep your property looking its best!

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Customer Service

Superior Lawn Care strives for the best in customer service to take care of all of you lawncare needs. Please contact us to learn more about we can help make Your Lawn Beautiful. We have been serving the community since 1981 and will continue to make your lawn beautiful for years to come.

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Additional Lawn Care Services

In addition to our lawn care program, tree and shrub care, weed control, and other landscape services, Superior Lawn Care also provides:

  • Fall Overseeding – Keeps your lawn healthy by introducing new and stronger varieties of grass to your lawn.
  • Fall Core Aeration – This treatment helps your lawn grow a stronger, deeper root system for a healthier and more durable lawn.
  • Lime Application – This improves the pH of your lawn’s soil for better color and density.
  • Flea and Tick Control – This program targets dangerous fleas and ticks for peace of mind.
  • Grub Control – Prevents damage from grubs for a year for a healthier lawn.

Commercial Lawn Care Services

Whether you need services for a university, homeowners association, a business park, or an independent business, we have the experience and services you need to maintain your property and make a great impression. Commercial lawn care services include:

  • Lawn Care Program – We can customize this program to meet your unique needs, with the option of liquid, granular, and organic fertilizers. In addition, we also offer crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control, as well as surface insect and grub control.
  • The Tree and Shrub Program – Commonly, our commercial clients have large investments in their landscape trees and shrubs. We provide insect, mite, and disease management along with plant fertilizers to help them protect this investment.
  • Bed Weed Control Program – Using a pre-emergent weed control and scheduled visits to control weeds and grasses, we can keep your beds looking their best.
  • Vegetation Control Program – With this program, we can control weeds along fence lines, at power stations, as well as cracks and crevices in parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and gravel parking lots.

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East End, Pittsburgh homeowners and business owners can rely on Superior Lawn Care to provide expert, professional lawn and landscape services that will keep their property healthy and looking its best all year round. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care services.

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