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Tree and Shrub Program

Superior Lawn Care offers a professional ornamental tree and shrub application program that concentrates on the beauty and health of these eye-catching additions. Depending on your yard’s square footage and perimeter shape, as well as your home’s location on your property, ornamental trees and shrubs can add drama, color, and style to your yard. However, as your landscape evolves, your plants and vegetation will also grow and change each season, requiring regular maintenance. Each new season introduces threats, including disease, insects, and weather, that can damage or destroy your trees and shrubs.

Protect Your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs

Superior Lawn Care’s regular landscape tree and shrub maintenance program provides the tools that are needed for the health of your vegetation. During each season, our experienced, licensed technicians monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our maintenance program. We also provide precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor.

The 5 Steps of our Tree and Shrub Services

Step 1 - Spring

March through April

  • Dormant Oil. Benefits: This treatment provides control of overwintering insects and egg masses such as scale and mites.

Step 2 - Early Summer

May through June

  • Insect and Disease Control. Benefits: This control mixture provides mid-season protection against insects such as birch leaf minor, tent caterpillars, spidermites, etc. It also protects against diseases such as apple scab and twig blight.

Step 3 - Summer

July through August

  • Insect and Disease Control. Benefits: This provides mid-summer season protection against insects such as Japanese beetles, weevils, mites, lace bugs, etc.  as well as diseases such as leaf spots and powdery mildew.

Step 4 - Late Summer

September through October

  • Insect and Disease Control. Benefits: This provides late-season protection against insects such as scale, lace bugs, webworms, etc. as well as diseases such as leaf spots.

Step 5 - Fall Fertilization

November through December

  • Deep Root Fertilization. Benefits: This provides a balanced macronutrient and micronutrient fertilizer to the plants and root system, which helps to enhance plant vigor and health, and prepares it for the winter season.

Superior Lawn Care offers expert protection for your landscape investment.

 We are happy to create a custom program for your landscape trees and shrubs.

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