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Invasion of the Crawling Insects! What Can You Do?


While we get to enjoy nice weather, summer vacations, cookouts, and holiday weekends, summer also means that crawling insects are out and about – and are looking for a nice, warm spot to live. Sometimes, that nice spot turns out to be your home, where there’s plenty of food around for them to eat. Once they’re in, well, they’re probably not going to leave, so how do you make sure they don’t get in the first place?

Superior Lawn Care has the answer! First, let’s discuss the bugs: We call these insects perimeter-invading insects. They’re anything that crawls and climbs (but we’re not talking about insects that become airborne), so that includes ants, spiders, centipedes, and other bugs that you may refer to as creepy-crawlies (since we’re not being scientific here). They can march right up to your front door (or back door, basement door, window wells, the cracks in your foundation. . . ) and sneak into your home. You probably won’t see them at first, but once they decide to invite all of their friends and family, you’ll definitely know they’re there. They will be heading to your kitchen or other places that have food or something sweet.

Keep Crawling Insects Out of Your Home

In the Pittsburgh area, using a perimeter pest control program is an effective preventative measure to keep insects out. Spraying around the exterior of your home or business using a regular treatment schedule will protect against invading bugs and allow you to enjoy the warm weather without worries of bugs in your home.

Perimeter Pest Control in Pittsburgh

Don’t let your home be invaded this summer by ants, spiders, and other unpleasant crawling insects. Superior Lawn Care provides an effective crawling pest control program with regularly scheduled treatments.  We suggest up to eight monthly applications a year to control insect infestation (especially if you live near woods), but you can start the applications at any time. Superior Lawn Care covers areas including Penn Township, Wexford, Murrysville, Greensburg, Indiana, and many other places in Western PA. Call or contact us today to learn more about pest control programs.