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Protect Your Investment: Keep Trees and Shrubs Healthy Using Root Fertilization

As you head into winter, it’s time to think about preparing your shrubs and ornamental trees for the winter.

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How to Tell If You Have Active Grubs or Grub Damage

September and early October can bring grubs and grub damage to your yard.

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Prepare Your Lawn for 2018 with Our Fall Lawn Care Offer

Fall is a great time for your lawn. There are cooler temperatures and the soil has the chance to enjoy the moisture.

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Cultural Practices Allow Homeowners to Improve Their Lawns

There are plenty of practices that homeowners can organize to ensure that their lawn remains green.

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Japanese Beetles: Summer and Fall Lawn Pests

If you have Japanese beetles in your yard, you probably already know they are there.

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Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot: Summer Lawn Diseases

It’s common for fungal infections to invade your grass during the summer.

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Do You Have a Chinch Bug Invasion?

It’s not only the weather and lawn diseases that affect the health of your grass in the summer.

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Keep Crawling Bugs Away from Your Home in the Spring and Summer

Now that we’re heading into summer, you’ll be seeing more and more of the insects and other pests.

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Red Thread Springtime Lawn Disease

Your grass is susceptible to disease, just like most plants are.

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How to Treat Dandelions during the Spring and Summer

Spring means leaves on the trees, grass that greens up with rain showers . . . and endless dandelions.

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