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Happy Holidays from Superior Lawn Care

The cold temperatures and snowfall signal the end of the lawn care season for Superior Lawn Care.

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Secrets of the Superior Lawn Care Offseason

Since winter is our offseason, many people ask us what we do in the wintertime. In reality, this line of work doesn’t have a real offseason.

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How Western PA Climate Affects Your Lawn

The Western Pennsylvania climate can make caring for your lawn a difficult task.

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Preparing Your Lawn and Landscaping for Winter

As fall gives way to cold winter weather, it is time to begin preparing your lawn to survive the snowy weather ahead.

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Follow These Fall Tips for a Beautiful Lawn This Spring

With the fall season of vibrant colors and cooler temperatures in full swing in Pittsburgh, it is time to prepare your lawn.

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What is Core Aeration? And Why is it Important?

With the cool breeze of fall blowing in and summer fading away fast, it’s time to start preparing your lawn.

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How do I know if I have Active Grubs or Grub Damage?

The cool fall weather provides your lawn with relief from the stress of the harsh summer heat and humidity.

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3 Fall Services to Ensure a Healthy Lawn Year-Round

With summer fading and fall on its way, it is time for homeowners to begin preparing their lawn for the fall.

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Cultural Practices to Improve Your Lawn

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, there are a variety of cultural practices.

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Dog Days of Summer

Hot, humid days and rainy nights are in full force in Pittsburgh this summer.

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