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Keep Crawling Bugs Away from Your Home in the Spring and Summer

Now that we’re heading into summer, you’ll be seeing more and more of the insects and other pests that like to call your house “home.” The ants, mites, spiders, fleas, and centipedes that disappeared during the cold Pittsburgh winter are back, and they want what you have: warmth, protection, and food.

Once these bugs have entered your home, it can be time-consuming to get them to leave, not to mention the “yuck” factor that you experience when they’re crawling along your floor, furniture, and countertops.

Why Do You Need Perimeter Pest Control?

Tiny (and even not-so-tiny) bugs can get into your home through the foundation, plus all of the cracks and gaps that exist in any home. It can be hard to control every entry point (and bugs only need one point to get in), especially in larger or older homes. Once bugs get into your home, they can create unsanitary conditions, carry disease, harm people and pets, and become an infestation that has to be taken care of by a pest elimination professional.

Prevent Crawling Bugs from Entering Your Home

Since you can’t cover every possible way into your home to keep the bugs out, you can instead use an effective perimeter pest control program. This service, where technicians spray around your home’s exterior to form a barrier so that bugs won’t enter, should be applied as many as eight times throughout the season for superior protection.

Superior Lawn Care’s perimeter pest control program will shield your home from the crawling insects that can make their way into your house’s interior. Control the insect activity that is surrounding your home. Give Superior Lawn Care a call today. Our service area includes all of southwestern PA, including Murrysville, Greensburg, Penn Township, Peters Township Wexford, Upper St. Clair, and Indiana.