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Prepare Your Lawn for 2018 with Our Fall Lawn Care Offer

It’s time to prepare your lawn for the fall, winter, and beyond with Superior Lawn Care’s Fall Lawn Care Offer.

Why Is the Fall So Important?

Fall is a great time for your lawn. There are cooler temperatures and the soil has the chance to enjoy the moisture. By introducing the right nutrients, new seed, and fertilizer, this is the best period for your lawn to become stronger, develop a better root system, and get ready to go dormant during the winter. Then, when spring arrives, your grass will be ready to “go green” and start the growing cycle again.

Superior Lawn Care offers a Fall Lawn Care Maintenance discount of 6% for those who schedule our aeration, lime, and overseeding services now.

Aerating your lawn is important, especially in Pittsburgh, where much of the soil is clay. Your soil may also be packed down because people walk on it, or vehicles drive over it. (This is particularly an issue with new construction homes.) Dense soil leaves very little room for water, air, or nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. When your grass is deprived of these basic, important elements, you’ll end up with a lawn that loses its green colors, doesn’t grow evenly, and is more susceptible to disease and the elements.

Aeration helps creates more “breathing room” for your lawn. We operate a machine, called a core aerator, that digs into the ground and pulls plugs of earth out, depositing it on the ground. The soil then becomes looser, allowing water, nutrients, food, and air into the ground. It also reduces the layer of thatch (dead grass) that sits on your lawn throughout the summer.

Lime Application
Lime applications in the fall are used to balance out your soil’s pH, which is the acid and alkaline that’s in the ground. Most of the soil in southwest Pennsylvania is too acidic for proper grass growing conditions, so an application once a year can help your grass grow, stay healthy, and better receive fertilizer.

After aeration and lime have been completed, you can overseed. Overseeding is introducing new grass seed into the yard that may have been lost during the heat of the summer, or because of insect damage or disease. Aerating beforehand can help the grass seed settle into the soil, germinate, and grow.

If you are a current customer, call Superior Lawn Care now to receive a 6% discount on fall aeration, lime application, and overseeding. We serve all of southwestern PA, including Penn Township, Indiana, Greensburg, Peters Township, Moon Township, Wexford, Cranberry, and Uniontown.