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Red Thread Springtime Lawn Disease

Your grass is susceptible to disease, just like most plants are. During this time of the year, a fungal infection called Red Thread is commonly found on lawns.

What Does Red Thread Look Like?

This disease is easy to see because it causes a dramatic change in your grass. First, patches of your grass will appear to be water logged. Then, the grass will begin to die, forming red-brown circular patches. Threads of the fungus actually extend from the ends of each blade, looking like red-pink antlers. You may see small circles of dead grass sprinkled throughout the yard, or the patches can spread and combine to form several larger patches.

Red thread doesn’t usually destroy the roots, but it does spread throughout the plant quickly, sometimes just two days after the infection appears in the plant. A Pittsburgh lawn care company can help ensure that this disease is eliminated from your yard.

Why Do I Have Red Thread?

The red thread fungus is often associated with wet, cool weather that we receive in the spring.

This disease will also spread quickly once you have cut your grass, because it’s tracked through other parts of your yard by your lawn mower or your shoes.

Sometimes, this infection can be caused be an imbalance in the soil’s nutrients. Your lawn requires a certain amount of nitrogen to ward off disease, to develop a beautiful green color, and to maintain growth throughout the spring, summer, and fall. If you think that you have a nitrogen deficiency, your lawn will require a scheduled fertilization program. Removing a thick layer of thatch will also keep your lawn disease-free while stronger and deeper roots form.

Also, a wet lawn without proper drainage – such as hard-packed soil that had not been aerated the previous fall – may also make it more likely that the Red Thread fungus can thrive in your lawn.

Superior Lawn Care Helps You Grow Healthy Grass

If you’re worried that your lawn has red thread, or you aren’t sure if bleached patches of grass are red thread or another issue, it’s time to give Superior Lawn Care a call. Our Five-Application Lawn Program will ensure that your lawn is properly fertilized and protected against disease, plus optional services like Core Aeration will keep your lawn healthy.

Superior Lawn Care serves the southwestern Pennsylvania region, including Cranberry, Moon Township, Penn Township, Murrysville, North Huntingdon, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, and Indiana. Call or contact us today.