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How to Treat Dandelions during the Spring and Summer

Spring means leaves on the trees, grass that greens up with rain showers . . . and endless dandelions. They’re a favorite of flower-picking kids and the bane of adults who want to keep their lawn maintained. While most of us have tried to pick up a dandelion or two to get them out of our yard, it’s difficult to get rid of them all, and you’ll probably be looking at a new field of yellow in a day or two. That’s because these weeds are notoriously difficult to control, they spread easily, and you have to eliminate the roots to ensure they won’t grow back.

Why Is It Difficult to Eliminate Dandelions from Your Yard?

Dandelions are known as broadleaf weeds, and they grow in both cool and warm weather. They can grow for years, and their root system is tough and very long—sometimes several feet long. If you grab a dandelion from the ground, and remove some of the root, chances are you haven’t come close to getting the whole plant – and that dandelion will keep growing.

The seeds disperse quickly and over hundreds of feet. Once the yellow blooms turn into a whitish puffball, the seeds can easily spread on the wind. The result is that you’ll soon have dandelions sprouting all over your lawn and taking away from your property’s curb appeal.

So, How Do You Keep Dandelions Away?

No matter what steps you take, it’s inevitable that dandelion seeds will enter your yard. It’s important to apply a broadleaf weed control application, starting in the spring, and continuing throughout the rest of the growing season. A regular lawn care maintenance program will help to keep dandelions out of your yard, while ensuring that your grass looks picture perfect.

Superior Lawn Care Dandelion Control Program in Pittsburgh
Broadleaf weed control is a part of our five-application lawn program that applies the right products at the right time of year. Call or contact Superior Lawn Care to learn more about keeping pesky dandelions away and how our scheduled maintenance can help. We serve all areas in southwestern PA, including Cranberry, Murrsyville, Wexford, Penn Township, Moon Township, Upper St. Clair, North Huntingdon, and Indiana.