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Salt Damage and Your Lawn – What You Need to Know

Salt damage to your lawn can occur over the winter along your sidewalks and driveways. This is due to the use of salt to keep these areas free of ice and snow. The salt gets onto your lawn and dries out the roots of your grass. When the snow melts in the spring, you may see brown or yellow dead patches of grass.

How Can I Prevent Salt Damage?

Salt Damaged LawnThe best ways to prevent salt damage are to cover the edges of your lawn where it is typically exposed to salt. You can do this using landscape fabric or other coverings that keep the salt off the grass.

You can also limit the amount of salt you use throughout the winter or look for an alternative, such as sand, that can provide traction in slippery conditions without causing harm to your lawn.

Get Your Lawn Ready for Winter in Western PA

Don’t let the cold winter weather ruin your beautiful lawn. Follow these essential tips to ensure your lawn stays healthy and vibrant throughout the winter months in Western PA:

Winter Feeding: Give your lawn the nutrients it needs by applying a winterizer fertilizer in late fall or early winter. This will promote root growth, increase disease resistance, and prepare your grass for harsh winter conditions.

Adequate Watering: While you don’t need to water your lawn as much in November, it’s important to ensure it is adequately watered before the ground freezes. Moist soil helps to insulate and protect the grass roots from freezing. Just be careful not to overwater.

At Superior Lawn Care, we understand the challenges of maintaining a beautiful lawn in Western Pennsylvania. Our expert lawn care services can help you prepare your lawn and landscape for winter, and we’ll be there to reverse any damage come springtime.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can keep your lawn looking its best all year round. Serving southwestern PA, including Upper St. Clair, Belle Vernon, Greensburg, Wexford, Indiana, Uniontown, and the greater Pittsburgh area. Let us take care of your lawn so that you can enjoy a stress-free winter season!