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How to Prevent Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Summer Lawn 

While summer brings on lots of fun with everything from family vacations and swimming to cookouts.

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Keep Crawling Pests Away from The House- Perimeter Pest Control    

With the warm weather of summer in full swing, more and more insects will be leaving their hiding places.

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Chinch Bugs: What They Are and How to Prevent Them

As the summer heat reaches its peak, you may begin to notice your lawn has developed yellow-brown patches.

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Preventing Red Thread and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Lawn

Looking out at your green lawn, that you’ve taken special care to keep manicured and healthy.

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Cicadas in Pittsburgh Area: Brood VIII

As temperatures in Southwestern PA rise above the 60s and 70s.

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Springtime is The Right Time to Repair Unsightly Lawn Spots

Now that your lawn has thawed, and the spring weather has begun.

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Avert the Dandelion Menace this Spring with Superior Lawn Care

Although spring in Pittsburgh is off to a chilly start, the dandelions will soon begin to sprout up all over your lawn.

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My Lawn Already has Weeds! What Are They and What Can I Do About It?

With the snowy remnants of another Pittsburgh winter barely melted, you may still see unsightly weeds.

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What is Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control and Why is it important?

March in Pittsburgh means the weather is still chilly and your lawn may even still be covered in snow.

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How Pittsburgh’s Record Rainfall Can Affect Your Lawn

In 2018, Southwest PA experienced record rainfall.

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