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Preventing Red Thread and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Lawn

Looking out at your green lawn, that you’ve taken special care to keep manicured and healthy, you may notice small brown spots, known as leaf spot or thread patches of grass that appear to be pink in color, known as red thread lawn disease.

Each of these lawn issues is a fungus that can take over your lawn, blemishing all the hard work you’ve done to keep your lawn looking great.

Red Thread Lawn Disease

This lawn disease is easy to spot, due to its pink, reddish, brown, or bleached appearance. Patches of red thread lawn disease appear thread-like and are 4-8 inches in diameter.

This lawn fungus is typically caused by a nutritional imbalance such as a lack of:
  • Nitrogen
  • Calcium
  • Lime

Red thread effects the tips of the grass blades, but not the roots. This means that it doesn’t kill the grass plant, but I can still spread to nearby grass if you do not correct the soil imbalance.

This disease tends to sit in cold conditions around 50-70 degrees in the spring and the fall. It tends to show up in your lawn in the spring and in some cases the early summer depending on how cold it gets. Pittsburgh’s overnight temperatures remain cool for some time, so red thread is not common in June.

Leaf SpotPreventing Red Thread and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Lawn

Leaf spot is another fungus that affects your lawn. This disease gets its names from the small brown spots it forms on your lawn. As the infection progresses, the spots get larger the grass blade and eventually form a purplish oval shape.

If left untreated, the next stage of leaf spot can lead to even more damage to the grass. If it’s not treated, the next stage will cause even more damage to the grass.

The leaf spot spores can live on your grass during the winter season and will begin to affect your lawn when the weather starts to warm up. Leaf spot thrives in moisture, making dew a great place for it to grow.
The brownish spots may lead some people to believe their lawn needs to be watered, but this will only aggravate the problem.

Professional Lawn Care Treatment Program to Prevent Lawn Disease

Both leaf spot and red thread disease can be treated with fungicides, but the most effective way to avoid these lawn diseases is to invest in a lawn care program. Soil imbalance and excess moisture are two of the most significant factors that cause these lawn diseases. With a regular maintenance program, that includes a multi-step fertilization program for the summer, spring, and fall, your turf will be provided with the nutrients it needs to be protected against fungus.

As an expert in treating lawn diseases, Superior Lawn Care offers a Five-Application Lawn Program to keep your lawn healthy and fungus-free throughout the year. We serve southwestern Pennsylvania, including Wexford, North Huntingdon, Cranberry, Murrysville, Pittsburgh, Upper St. Clair, Indiana, and Penn Township. Call or contact us today to learn more.