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Keep Crawling Pests Away from The House- Perimeter Pest Control    

With the warm weather of summer in full swing, more and more insects will be leaving their hiding places and invading your home. From ants and spiders to fleas, mites, and centipedes, a variety of insects will be leaving their Pittsburgh winter homes to enjoy the warmth, water, food and protection that your home provides.

Once they get in, they can be tough to get out while also adding a gross factor to your home as they crawl on your floors, furniture, and across your countertops.

Importance of Pest Perimeter ControlKeep Crawling Pests Away from The House- Perimeter Pest Control    

Insects, large and small, can easily get in through your home’s foundation, as well as through cracks or gaps around your windows, doors, or siding. Controlling every entry point that bugs use to get into your home can be very difficult, especially if your home is larger or older.

Once bugs invade your home, they become not only a nuisance, but they can also become a health risk by creating unsanitary conditions. Insects also carry disease, harm people and pets, and can hunker down and breed, creating an infestation that requires the services of a pest elimination professional.

Keep the Pests from Invading Your Home

While it may be impossible to seal up and cover every possible entryway into your home to keep the bugs at bay, you can use an effective perimeter pest control program to help keep them out. With this service, a technician will spray around the exterior of your home, which will form a barrier so that bugs can’t enter the house. This spray should be applied as many as eight times throughout the season to ensure adequate protection.

Superior Lawn Care’s perimeter pest control program will protect our home from an invasion of crawling insects, keeping the interior of your home bug-free. To control the insect activity around your house and keep your home’s interior pest-free, call Superior Lawn Care today! We proudly service all of southwestern PA, including Murrysville, Greensburg, Belle Vernon, Penn Township, Peters Township, New Stanton, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, and Indiana.