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Cultural Practices to Improve Your Lawn

When it comes to maintaining your lawn, there are a variety of cultural practices you can organize for a beautiful lawn in the spring, summer, fall, and the winter. Actions taken by homeowners are known as cultural practices and contribute to the health and appearance of your lawn.
By combining these cultural practices with Superior Lawn Care services, you can achieve the lush, green lawn of your dreams. For great results throughout the seasons, consider these tips.

Tips for Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is an essential part of keeping it healthy. For best results, it is crucial to keep your mower blades sharp. Blades should be sharpened at least once at the beginning of the growing season and once in the middle. Signs that your blades need sharpened include:

  • Uneven cutting/blades.
  • Tops of the grass are ragged rather than cleanly cut.
  • Having to mow the same place multiple times.

You also want to avoid cutting your lawn too short. It may be tempting to mow it down short to help lengthen the time between each mowing, but this can cause your lawn to burn and thin out, making it difficult to achieve the lush lawn you are looking for.

When mowing, it is crucial to set the blade height to mow the grass at 3 to 3 ½ inches. This will provide the soil with adequate shade, keeping it moist and cool, allowing you to water your lawn less during the summer and can encourage new growth in your lawn. With this new growth, your lawn can develop stronger roots and will have fewer weeds. As your lawn grows taller, you will need to mow more frequently, but be sure to avoid mowing after receiving a lot of rain.

Tips for Properly Watering Your Lawn

Watering the lawn is a practice that many homeowners struggle with. It is difficult for some to determine when to water the water and how often to water it. How much you water and how often you water your lawn depends heavily on the season.

In the spring and fall, homeowners should water deeply once a week. You would want to water twice a week in the summer when the temperature is high. It is crucial to avoid overwatering, causing your grass to receive too much moisture which can open your lawn up to insects and disease.

Generally, watering about an inch deep into the soil provides your grass with adequate water. It is best to water your lawn in the early morning before the sun comes up and begins to warm the ground.

Lawn Care Services for a Beautiful Lawn

Contact Superior Lawn Care today to learn more about cultural practices for your lawn. Our experienced team is happy to help you with your questions and guide you through the steps it takes to maintain a healthy green lawn. We serve all of southwestern PA, such as North Huntington, Upper St. Clair, Penn Township, Moon Township, Belle Vernon, Wexford, and Cranberry.