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3 Fall Services to Ensure a Healthy Lawn Year-Round

With summer fading and fall on its way, it is time for homeowners to begin preparing their lawn for the fall. At Superior Lawn Care, our Fall Special Offer will provide your lawn with the treatments it needs to stay healthy and strong throughout the fall and the winter for a lush, green lawn come springtime.

Fall is a Great Time to Boost Your Lawn’s Health

The cool fall weather provides homeowners with the perfect environment to encourage their lawn’s health to thrive. With cooler temperatures, your lawn’s soil can hold moisture better, helping your lawn remain hydrated.

To ensure your lawn survives the harsh Pittsburgh winter, it is crucial to take advantage of the fall season by giving your lawn the right mix of nutrients, adequate fertilizer, and new seed. With these lawn treatments, you can get the most out of the fall growing season and help your lawn develop a deeper, more resilient root system. This will also help your lawn become stronger overall, so your lawn is prepared to go dormant for the winter season.

Taking the time to prepare now will allow your lawn to be ready for the spring growing cycle, resulting in a bright green lawn.  At Superior Lawn Care, our Fall Special Offer includes lime, aeration, and overseeding services to keep your lawn growing and thriving all year round.

Let Your Lawn Breathe with Aeration

Much of the soil in the Pittsburgh area is made up of hard clay, making aeration an important treatment for keeping your lawn healthy. Soil also becomes compacted from foot traffic or people driving over it, which is common with newly constructed homes.

Dense, tightly-packed soil doesn’t leave a lot of room for air, water, or other vital nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Your grass can become deprived, leading to a weak, unhealthy lawn. Compacted soil can cause your lawn to lose its green color, grow unevenly, become vulnerable to disease and the colder temperatures.

When your lawn is aerated, space is created in the lawn that allows it to “breathe” and better receive the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. At Superior Lawn Care, we use a core aerator machine that allows us to dig into the ground down to the roots of the grass and pull plugs of earth from your lawn. We deposit these plugs back onto the ground. With aeration, we loosen the soil and reinvigorate the packed down roots and soil so they can more efficiently receive air, water, and nutrients, keeping your lawn strong and healthy throughout the seasons.

This process of aeration also works to reduce the layer of thatch or dead grass that can accumulate on your lawn throughout the summer. This prevents the thatch from damaging and weakening your lawn’s root systems.

Lime Application to Promote New Growth

Your soil’s pH, made up of the acid and alkaline in the soil, needs to be balanced to allow for proper grass growing conditions. Lime applications can help you balance out your lawn’s pH. Lime is made from ground-up limestone, a naturally occurring rock that has a very high calcium content.

Pennsylvania’s soil is known for its high acidity, so homeowners will need to apply lime once a year. This will help your lawn receive fertilizer more efficiently and will also help to promote new grass growth.

Freshen Your Lawn with Overseeding

After we’ve completed aeration and lime application, we recommend that you overseed your lawn. Overseeding is a process that introduces new grass seed into your yard. This will help compensate for the grass you may have lost to the summer heat or to disease or insect damage.

We complete the aeration before overseeding because it allows the grass seed to settle into the soil easily, helping the seed to germinate and grow.

Our current customers can take advantage of our full-service Fall Special Offer of lime application, aeration, and overseeding at a discounted price by calling us today to schedule an appointment. We serve all of southwestern PA, including Greensburg, Belle Vernon, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, Uniontown, Indiana, and throughout the Pittsburgh area.