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Preventing Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Lawn

Summer, as fantastic as it is, can bring its own set of problems for your lawn.

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Lawn Turning Brown? You Could Have a Chinch Bug Problem

Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful green lawn during the summer.

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How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs

Ornamental trees and shrubs are a popular way for home and business owners to introduce elements of drama.

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How Can I Tell If My Lawn Has Red Thread Disease?

Temperatures are finally rising this spring, and that makes everyone happy.

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Avert the Dandelion Menace This Spring with Superior Lawn Care

Looks are deceiving, because it’s been a very cold spring, but soon dandelions.

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My Lawn Already has Weeds! What Are They, and What Can I Do About It?

The snow has barely melted, but you may be noticing that there are weeds already popping up here and there.

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What Is Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control and Why Is It Important?

It’s only March, and the weather is still chilly, so not too many homeowners are thinking about the health.

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Superior Lawn Care Management Team Recognized for Elite Landscape Industry Designation

The National Association of Landscape Professionals is pleased to announce that Robert Haynor…

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Snow Mold FAQ

Snow mold is a fungal disease that often appears at the end of winter, when the last layer of snow has melted away.

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Treating Your Lawn for Moles

Moles are a common problem in Pittsburgh once the weather begins to warm up.

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