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How the Western Pennsylvania Climate Affects Your Lawn

The climate in Western Pennsylvania is one that can be tricky to deal with when it comes to caring for your lawn.

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Preparing Your Lawn and Landscaping for Winter

With fall slowly giving way to the colder winter weather, it is time to start preparing your lawn.

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Get a Beautiful Spring Lawn by Following These Fall Tips

As you begin to enjoy the cooler temperatures and vibrant colors of the fall season.

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What is Aeration and Why is it Important?

With summer winding down, it time to begin preparing your lawn for fall.

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How do I know if I have Active Grubs or Grub Damage?

As fall begins to approach, the cooler weather may provide your lawn relief from the stress of the summer.

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3 Fall Services to Ensure a Healthy Lawn Year Round

As summer draws to an end, it is time to begin thinking about preparing your lawn for the fall.

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Relieving Summer Stress on Your Lawn

It has been an unusually hot, humid summer here in Pittsburgh.

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Lawn Care Tips for the Dog Days of Summer

With summer in full swing in Pittsburgh, the hot, humid days and rainy evenings.

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Lawn Watering – Tips and Tricks

Now that we are heading into mid-summer, there are plenty of bright, sunny days to enjoy.

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What Is Preventative Grub Control and Why Is It Important?

In July, most people are worried about the heat harming their grass.

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