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Armyworms! Alert!!!!

Within the last few days a new pest showed up overnight and is causing major damage to the lawns in the Pittsburgh area. That pest is Armyworms. We have been in business since 1981 and Armyworms have never been a pest associated with Western Pennsylvania lawns.Army worm caterpillar Armyworms are usually associated with the Southeastern area of the United States. Experts theorize that the recent tropical storm activity that brought heavy rains from the Southeast have carried these pests to our backyards. Lawns are turning brown overnight as these pests can do considerable damage. Since they are a surface feeding caterpiller your grub control application, which is for subsurface pests, will not be effective against these pests. Armyworms harm virtually all types of turfgrass. They appear in large numbers and move in unison so they can cause major damage in short order. Since Armyworms only chew the top growth of the grass plant and leave the crown unharmed, many times lawns can recover from this damage. We need you to be on the alert for these pests. Please notify us if you see any of these caterpillers on your lawn or have any damage so that we can get to you as quickly as possible to evaluate for and treat these unwanted pests. As always, we thank you for your business and it is always a pleasure working with you to make your lawn beautiful!

Army  Worms
If you see army worms in your lawn call superior lawncare immediately to protect your lawn from damage