Aeration, Lime and Overseeding: 3 Fall Projects That Will Pay Dividends in The Spring | Superior Lawn Care
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Aeration, Lime and Overseeding: 3 Fall Projects That Will Pay Dividends in The Spring

With the fall season full steam ahead in Pittsburgh, it’s time to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter, so when the snow melts, you’ll have a lush, healthy lawn come spring!

Many homeowners may not know, but fall is a critical time of year for lawn care and maintenance to protect your lawn from the harsh winter elements.

Beneficial Lawn Care Projects for the Fall Season

At Superior Lawn Care, we recommend the following lawn care to be completed in the fall to ensure a healthy lawn in the spring:

Aeration Allows the Lawn to Breathe

Aeration helps to restore your lawn after the stress of summer. FromAeration, Lime and Overseeding: 3 Fall Projects That Will Pay Dividends in The Spring kids running across the lawn to foot traffic from BBQs and the stress of summer heat, aeration allows the nutrients from the air, water, and fertilizer to reach your soil.

During this process, cores of soil, thatch, and grass are extracted from the surface to allow for better nutrient absorption, soil air exchange, water penetration, and to reduce soil compaction.
This process provides a variety of benefits to your lawn, including:

  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Helps manage thatch
  • Stimulates root development and growth
  • Reduces water puddling and runoff

    This process can also help to enhance your lawn’s ability to receive, seeds, and fertilizer to build a thicker, healthier lawn.

Lime Balances Your Lawn’s pH.

Adding lime, crushed limestone, to your lawn in the fall can help add calcium and magnesium to your lawn which helps to preserve the color and lushness of your lawn while also helping to mitigate the damage that the summer heat, drought, or high traffic has caused.

Lime’s main ingredient I calcium carbonate, which can help to neutralize the acidity of your soil while regulating other nutrients such a copper, phosphorus, and zinc, helping to eliminate weeds and patchy or yellow spots in your lawn. Additionally, lime can cleanse the soil and remove toxicities. It also helps to nourish beneficial bacteria in the soil, particularly when it is used with compost.

Overseeding Helps Repair Damage

Overseeding is a process where grass seed is added to your lawn without turning the soil. For lawns that are suffered damage from drought or insects or are showing thin patches or a lack of color, overseeding can help combat these issues. It can also help thicken your lawn and improve its appearance and health.

Superior Lawn Care’s Fall Special Offer

At Superior Lawn Care, we provide the Fall Special Offer, which includes Aeration, Lime, and Overseeding treatments that help strengthen your lawn while promoting growth to prepare it for the harsh winter season.

Aeration. Our experienced team will use a core aerator to remove plugs of earth from your lawn. This expertly applied process will help loosen the compacted soil and allow your lawn to “breathe” better. This process also helps the grass roots receive nutrients more efficiently.

Lime Application. It is critical to balance your lawn’s pH to create ideal growing conditions for your grass. We will expertly apply lime to your lawn to help promote new grass growth and prepare your lawn to receive fertilizer.

Overseeding. Once we have aerated and applied lime to your lawn, we will perform overseeding. This process allows us to introduce new grass seed to your lawn for repairs from damage caused by disease, insects, and the summer heat.

Contact Superior Lawn Care today to get your lawn ready for winter!