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Fall Tips for a Beautiful Spring Lawn

Pittsburgh’s fall season is in full swing, with cooler temperatures and vibrant colors. This means that it is time to prepare your lawn to endure the harsh winter. Fall is a critical time to prepare your lawn through fertilizing, weed control, and more to ensure you have a beautiful, healthy lawn come springtime!

How Should I Prepare My Lawn This Fall?

Fall Lawn CareThere are a variety of ways to prepare your lawn for the winter season; we recommend the following:
Mulch Leaves. As falling leaves cover your lawn, you need to mulch them into smaller pieces. Falling leaves can create a blanket over your lawn, preventing vital sunlight from reaching the grass. By mulching the leaves, your lawn can receive the sunlight it needs, preventing it from becoming thin and weak.
Fertilize. When you fertilize your lawn in the fall, you provide your turf with the nutrients it needs to promote healthy root and grass growth. This helps you to create a stronger and healthier lawn that will better withstand the harsh conditions of winter.
Weed Control. The fall season is a great time to control the annual and perennial weeds plaguing your lawn to ensure a lush, weed-free lawn come spring. When you kill weeds such as dandelions in the fall, you can prevent them from blemishing your lawn in the spring.

How Can I Repair Summer Lawn Damage?

With cooler temperatures and more moisture, fall provides an excellent opportunity for you to repair the damage caused by summer stress, disease, or insect damage. With Superior Lawn Care’s Fall Special Offer, we have the services needed to repair damage and keep your lawn healthy and strong throughout the winter for a green and pristine lawn in the spring.
The Fall Special Offer includes Aeration, Lime, and Overseeding treatments designed to promote growth and strength in your lawn to help it survive the harsh winter season.
Aeration. For this treatment, we use a core aerator to remove plugs of earth from your lawn. Using this process, we can loosen compacted soil and give your lawn the chance to “breathe” better. This allows the roots of your grass to receive air, nutrients, and water more efficiently.
Lime Application. It is crucial to balance your soil’s pH to create optimal growing conditions for your lawn. With this treatment, lime, crushed up limestone that is high in calcium, is expertly applied to your lawn. This will help promote new grass growth and will make it easier for your lawn to receive fertilizer.
Overseeding. Once the aeration and lime application are completed, we will overseed your lawn. With this process, we will introduce new grass seed to your lawn. This will This process works to repair damage caused by disease, insects, and the stress of the summer.

Contact us today to learn more about our Fall Special Offer and get your lawn ready for winter!

Current customers can take advantage of your Fall Special Offer at a special discounted price by calling today to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve southwestern PA, including Greensburg, Indiana, Belle Vernon, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, Uniontown, and throughout the Pittsburgh area.