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Avert the Dandelion Menace This Spring with Superior Lawn Care

Looks are deceiving, because it’s been a very cold spring, but soon dandelions and other invasive weeds will be popping up in your yard. While they may look bright and pretty in a field, they take away from the look of a well-kept lawn. Now is the time to take the steps that are needed to control the dandelions that will most likely litter your yard by May, and continue right into the fall months.

Why Do I Have So Many Dandelions?

Dandelions don’t need pollination to grow and thrive, and they have a perfect seed dispersal system. After the bright yellow flowers start to wilt, they turn into the whitish, fluffy crown that little kids love to pick up and blow around. The wind can break apart those seeds and send them into other parts of your yard, or a pet may run by them, or someone can step on them, which also delivers them somewhere else.

Dandelions also steal the water and minerals of the grass and plants around them, giving them more staying power. They are long-lasting weeds, and may live for several years due to their very deep root system. You’ll see many people try to tug dandelions out of the ground, but they probably aren’t eliminating the entire root, which means that these hardy weeds will just grow back. Homeowners need to have a plan in place to ensure that dandelions won’t be able to overtake their yard.

How Do I Prevent Dandelions?

Since there are so many dandelion seeds floating around, you have to start early in the season – late winter and early spring are the best times.

Applying a broadleaf weed control now, and then continuing to apply it during the remainder of the spring and summer, is necessary to control dandelions. Superior Lawn Care’s 5-step application lawn program delivers the right amount of weed control in the early spring and then again throughout the growing season.

Our lawn care program doesn’t just control dandelions and other weeds, though. It also fertilizes your grass with the nutrients that are needed during the spring, summer, and even fall. It also protects your yard from crabgrass, keeps it insect-free, and promotes root growth.

Enjoy a beautiful lawn this year. Call or contact Superior Lawn Care today to start your lawn care program. We serve homeowners all over southwestern PA, including Indiana, Moon Township, Cranberry, Murrysville, Penn Township, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, and North Huntingdon.