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Secrets of the Superior Lawn Care Off-Season

Many people ask us, “What you do in the wintertime?” since that’s our off season. It may surprise many of you to learn that there is truly no “off season” when it comes to the preparation leading up to the next growing season. In most cases, winter is a very busy time when many of the things that lead to providing you with the lush, green, and healthy lawn you expect during the year actually happen.

In January and February, our office staff is very busy preparing renewal letters for our customers and answering emails and phone calls with incoming questions. They are also updating all safety data sheets as well as all other documents needed for the government agencies which govern our industry.

Preparing for the Spring and Summer Pittsburgh Lawn Care Season

Our mechanic and support staff work diligently throughout the winter on every truck and piece of equipment we use. Trucks are thoroughly inspected, repainted, and cleaned. All pumps, hoses, and spray reels are checked and rebuilt from top to bottom. Equipment including spreaders, spray guns, aerators, and backpacks are checked and fixed as needed and or replaced when necessary. The goal is to have each truck and piece of equipment we use in peak working order when it is time for our lawn care applicators to provide you with the superior service you expect from us.

Our management staff works hard during this time preparing for the upcoming season. Decisions on equipment, materials used, website enhancements, staffing, and training are just a few of the things being decided during this time. We are constantly evaluating new products and equipment to ensure we are providing our customers with the very best the industry has to offer. Training is a large part of what our management team works on, not only in the off season, but throughout the year. We constantly provide training to our managers, office staff, and applicators to improve customer service. We have a comprehensive training program geared specifically for new employees which takes a minimum of 30 days before a new employee is licensed and is able to service your property on their own. Returning employees, including our managers, attend training seminars and conferences during this time period to earn continuing education credits towards their commercial licenses as well as intensive in-house training before the season begins.

Trained Staff Care For Your Pittsburgh Lawn

Our management staff is continually working to be the best the industry has to offer. Our general manager is nationally certified by the National Association of Landscape Professionals as a landscape manager, which is the highest certification the industry has to offer. Our sales/service managers are currently working towards national certification with the National Association of Landscape Professionals as industry certified lawn care managers which we expect them to complete my mid- January.

So now you have a little glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes during the off season. Our ultimate goal of all of this is to provide our customers with the very best, superior service for the upcoming year. Remember, we service all areas in southwestern PA, including Penn Township, Cranberry, Upper St. Clair, Indiana, Moon Township, North Huntingdon, Peters Township, Belle Vernon, Murrysville, and North Huntingdon.