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How Pittsburgh’s Record Rainfall Can Affect Your Lawn

In 2018, Southwest PA experienced record rainfall. The Greater Pittsburgh area reported 57.83 inches of rain, exceeding the previous record in 2004. For many in the Pittsburgh area, it seemed like it rained almost every day.
You may think, “Isn’t rain good my lawn?” Our answer would be yes, and no. Rain is good for lawns in moderation, but excessive rainfall can have damaging effects on your lawn.

7 Ways Excessive Rain Can Cause Poor Lawn Health

Excessive rain can cause a variety of issues for your lawn, including:record rainfall, lawn care program

Root Problems

Your grass needs oxygen to grow. Too much rain can drown your grass roots just like a house plant or shrubs and plants in your landscape. Torrential downpours can also cause shallow root growth. Due to the excessive water, the roots do not have to grow far below the surface to find water. This will make it difficult for the roots to handle dry conditions which can damage parts of the lawn and turn your grass brown.

Fungal and Lawn Disease Damage

Too much rainfall can also cause grass roots to rot. This rot creates an environment where diseases, such as snow mold, can form. In many cases, diseased lawns feature yellowed patches of grass. If you notice yellow patches throughout your lawn, it is essential to have your lawn care professional examine your lawn.

Loss of Nutrients

With excessive rain, the nutrients your lawn needs to survive and stay healthy can be washed away before your lawn’s root system absorbs them. Since your lawn is not getting adequate nutrition, it is important to fertilize your lawn to help compensate for the loss of nutrients.

Damaging Insects

If your lawn has a shallow root system caused by excessive rainfall, it can become stressed. This allows surface eating insects to damage the lawn and also allows disease activity to develop.

Excessive Weeds

Heavy rainfall can cause excessive weed growth, making it harder to control the weeds, affecting the appearance and the health of your lawn.

Five-Application Lawn Care Program

If you think the excessive rainfall has affected the health of your lawn, call Superior Lawn Care today. We will come to your home and evaluate your lawn to help diagnose the problems you are having. With our Five-Application Lawn Care Program, we can provide your lawn with the nutrients and materials needed to help your lawn stay healthy. Get your lawn back into shape with Superior Lawn Care!

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