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How Can You Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter?

Once the growing season for your lawn is over, you may think there’s nothing more to be done until March, when the worst of winter is over. However, there are still more important lawn care services that will keep your lawn healthy, green, and disease-resistant.

Apply Winter Fertilizer

Throughout the year, a good lawn care program includes different kinds of fertilizer. In the spring, it’s made up of a treatment that replenishes nutrients lost during the winter. In the early summer, custom-blended fertilizer is applied so that your grass is strong and can endure the hot days of summer. In the late summer, when the weather is warmest, the fertilizer contains material for heat and disease resistance. In the early fall, fertilizer is especially important because this is the time of year to support root growth.

This brings us to late fall fertilizer, called winterizer, which delivers much-needed nitrogen to the soil. This fertilizer:

  • Promotes root growth and development.
  • Provides disease resistance for early spring lawn diseases like snow mold.
  • Strengthens grass in preparation for winter stress, giving it something to take from when there’s little left in the soil.
  • Offers a “green up” factor once spring returns.

Late Fall Is the Perfect Time to Apply Fertilizer

You should use winterizer when your grass is still green and before the ground gets hard. The best time to winterize is usually from mid-October through early December.

Superior Lawn Care has an all-season, five-application lawn program that delivers the right nutrients to your grass and plantings at the right time. Late fall fertilizer can be used to strengthen your turf and keep it green. If you’d like to learn more about fall fertilization, give us a call. We serve all Pittsburgh communities including including North Huntingdon, Wexford, Moon Township, Cranberry, Penn Township, and Indiana.