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What Is Preventative Grub Control and Why Is It Important?

In July, most people are worried about the heat harming their grass. While it’s definitely hot, there are other problems that are common to Pittsburgh lawns during this month – namely, grubs.

Grubs aren’t the beginning of the possible problems with your summer grass, though. Beetles will first invade homeowners’ yards in July. The most common kind of beetle that’s located around here, the Japanese beetle, is easily recognized by its metallic green midsection and rust-colored wings. They eat your plantings and grass in July, and their many meals will mean that they are able to reproduce and lay eggs.

Why Are Grubs So Harmful to Lawns?

By September, these eggs hatch and become grubs. While in the grub stage, they’ll be ravenous – just like their adults counterparts from earlier in the summer. They will eat the roots of your grass, and the damaged grass roots will no longer be able to take up water and nutrients. Soon, your grass will begin to die in patches. Grubs will also burrow under the ground in the winter and beginning of spring, but once it warms up outside, they will wake up hungry, and the cycle starts again.

If you see that your grass isn’t looking good, here’s a trick that will help you figure out if you have grubs or another problem: dig your fingers into the ground and pull up. If the grass comes away easily, and you see small, white, c-shaped insects in your soil, you have grubs. They will continue to eat your grass and then turn into adult beetles. You’ll probably notice that birds, moles, and raccoons are digging in your yards, looking for a grubby treat.

Grub and Beetle Problems Can Be Controlled Through Pittsburgh Lawn Services

If you begin to see Japanese beetles in your yard – or any beetle – that’s a sign that you will need to take action in order to keep your lawn healthy. Superior Lawn Care has an insect/grub application service that should be applied as soon as you see beetles in your yard. Usually, only one application is needed, and it will help to control the grub/beetle/grub cycle this year. If you notice that Japanese beetles are in your ornamental plants and trees, Superior also offers a tree and shrub care program so that your investment in your landscaping stays secure.

Superior Lawn Care serves southwestern Pennsylvania, including Upper St. Clair, Wexford, Cranberry, Penn Township, Indiana, and throughout the Pittsburgh area. Call or contact us today to learn more about grub control or a comprehensive lawn care program.