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Treating Your Lawn for Moles

Moles are a common problem in Pittsburgh once the weather begins to warm up. While you may think that spring seems like it will never arrive, eventually we’ll be able to enjoy the outside – and at that point, you may start to notice signs of mole activity.

Even during the winter, moles are looking for food in your yards. They’re not looking for grubs, which are small, white, C-shaped pests that eat grass roots, destroy your lawn, and eventually grow into beetles. Instead, they want to feast on earthworms, which are plentiful in the Pittsburgh area. You probably don’t see them much unless you garden, but think of the last time there was a soaking rain. You most likely saw many of them on your walkway or driveway, and you can definitely smell them. They are there, in your dirt, and that’s what the moles want to eat.

Signs That Moles Have Invaded Your Yard
You’re probably wondering how to determine if moles are indeed living in your yard. Maybe a neighbor has mentioned that they’re experiencing some problems. Moles aren’t concerned about where your neighbor’s property ends and yours begins, so if someone mentions it, that’s a sign that you should consider mole activity.

Actual physical damage to your yard includes tunneling on the surface of your property. If you see lines of tunnels, look for small dirt mounds along those lines. That’s where the moles are entering and leaving the ground in their search for their mostly earthworm diet. When moles are active in the winter, digging tunnels deep under the ground, you won’t see these signs, but you’ll notice a depression in the ground once spring is here.

You may also notice that your yard is developing a series of holes once the weather warms up. Instead of having a smooth, even yard, you could find yourself accidentally stepping into holes throughout your property.

How to Combat Mole Infestations
Homeowners can treat their yard for moles by following a few steps. If you notice surface tunneling, take a tamper or other heavy tool and tamp the dirt down to fill in the tunnels. Then, go to your local home and garden store and talk to some of their experts. Depending on your yard, one of three traps available are normally used:  Out O’ Sight Mole Trap, Spear Mole Trap, and NoMol Mole Trap. You’ll probably want to set several traps ou

t to ensure that your mole problem will be solved.

If you have any questions about lawn pests, such as moles, give Superior Lawn Care a call. We help homeowners achieve a beautiful lawn throughout southwestern Pennsylvania, including Murrysville, Indiana, Moon Township, Upper St. Clair, Wexford, Greensburg, and Penn Township.