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Springtime is The Right Time to Repair Unsightly Lawn Spots

Now that your lawn has thawed, and the spring weather has begun, you may have noticed that your lawn is covered in unsightly patches or spots. Although these spots take away from the manicured lawn you’re trying to achieve; the good news is that spring is a great time to repair these spots and get your lawn back in tip-top shape.

What Causes Unhealthy Patches in My Lawn?Springtime is The Right Time to Repair Unsightly Lawn Spots

A variety of things can cause unsightly spots in your lawn. From compacted soil, uneven fertilizer application, and insect infestations, to pet damage, lawnmower injury, and too little or too much water, there are a variety of ways that your lawn can be left with unsightly patches.

The most common cause of unsightly patches, especially in the spring is disease-causing fungi. The spring season brings excessive fungus-spreading moisture with the increase in rainfall and winds as your grass begins to grow. To prevent fungus and other lawn diseases, it is essential for homeowners to put a plan in place to stop these lawn diseases and other lawn issues before they can start.

Five-Application Lawn Care Program to Repair Your Lawn

Fertilization for your lawn should start early in the spring season. The winter weather takes a toll on your lawn, depleting your soil of the nutrients it needs to thrive. With regular applications of our custom-blended fertilizer, we can replenish those nutrients in the soil to help your grass grow green and thick.

Summer is not the only season that needs weed control. Each month of the growing season in the spring will bring weeds, so as long as the weather supports lawn growth, it will support weed growth too. Multiple applications are required for effective weed control. Our Five-Application Lawn Care Program includes broadleaf weed control in the spring to help rid your lawn of weeds such as dandelions.

Although the spring season tends to be rainy, your lawn requires a good soaking rain every few days. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, your lawn will need to be watered. If you water your lawn yourself, be sure to make sure it’s a make sure deep soaking, rather than a 10-minute spray session.

It is also crucial to mow your lawn at the right height for a healthy lawn all spring long. You should keep your mower height between 2 1/2 -3″ during the spring and summer. Mowing your lawn too short can cause your grass to thin out, lose its green color, and will also encourage weed and crabgrass growth.

With our Five-Application Lawn Care Program, we can help you repair the damage caused by the winter weather and help you prevent weeds and lawn disease for a beautiful spring lawn! We serve southwestern Pennsylvania, including Wexford, North Huntingdon, Cranberry, Murrysville, Indiana, Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh, and Penn Township. Call or contact us today to learn more.