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Lawn Diseases

Preventing Dollar Spot and Leaf Spot Disease on Your Lawn

Summer, as fantastic as it is, can bring its own set of problems for your lawn. Hot, wet weather is a great breeding ground for various lawn diseases. Some are quite destructive and must be carefully treated so that they don’t return.

Dollar Spot: A Common Summer Lawn Disease

Dollar spot is well-named: It looks like small, yellowish spots in your lawn that are about 1-2 inches wide. In some types of grass, the circle is larger, and if no treatment plan is used, these circles will start to merge into one another, making a larger area of yellowed spots.

Dollar spot is common during the summer, especially when there is high humidity at night. This disease can be managed before it even starts as long as you use a continuous lawn care plan that includes fertilization and fall aeration to remove thatch and increase air flow. However, if you would like to eliminate current dollar spot infections, then a Pittsburgh lawn care company can help.

Leaf Spot: Another Disease That Affects Your Grass

Leaf Spot is another fungal infection that affects your grass, causing small brown spots to form. Eventually, the spots get larger on the grass blades and form a purplish oval shape. If it’s not treated, the next stage will cause even more damage to the grass. The brownish spots lead some people to believe that they simply need to irrigate, but that will compound the problem.

Leaf spot spores can live on your grass during the winter, then come to life once it starts getting warmer. It’s attracted to moisture, so dew is a good place for it to grow. Like dollar spot, it can be treated with fungicide, but the best way to avoid these diseases is to invest in a lawn care program that includes a program with fertilizer and weed and insect control.

Superior Lawn Care is an expert at treating lawn diseases, ensuring that your lawn is healthy and green. We serve southwestern Pennsylvania, including Wexford, Cranberry, North Huntingdon, Murrysville, Upper St. Clair, Pittsburgh, Indiana, and Penn Township. Call or contact us today to learn more.