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My Lawn Already has Weeds! What Are They, and What Can I Do About It?

The snow has barely melted, but you may be noticing that there are weeds already popping up here and there. Seeing these weeds may make you wonder: Why does it take care and work to maintain grass, but weeds just grow everywhere?

Why Do I Have So Many Weeds?

Weeds grow quickly and are resilient. Many types favor conditions that happen naturally, depending on your weather and your soil. Some weeds thrive in constant moisture, some like when you cut your lawn very short, some want constant shade, and others like the compacted soil that so many species of grass can’t handle. Just like there are many different types of grass, there are many different types of weeds: broadleaf weeds, which grow close to the ground; dandelions, which are easy to spot; and white clover, with tell-tale triple leaves and white flowers.

How to Control the Weeds in Your Yard
Controlling weeds is a year-round project. Superior Lawn Care has a 5-step lawn care program that includes steps to ensure that your lawn is green and healthy during every season. We fertilize according to your lawn’s needs and also apply weed control. During the first step in the program, in March and April, the weed treatment that we apply is used to prevent and control spring broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and clover. In May and June, the treatment concentrates on summer weeds, and in July and August, on weeds that thrive in the hot, humid weather we experience during that time.

Just like grass, weeds grow from seeds. When a mature weed is going to die, it produces seeds that then fall in the ground. These seeds remain dormant through the winter, and start to germinate when the soil is around 55-60 degrees – usually in March. Even if you think that your yard is weed-free, these weed seeds can end up in the ground when they’re delivered through your shoes, pets, or wind.

The pre-emergent weed control that Superior Lawn Care applies in the spring creates a barrier to prevent the weeds from growing and breaking through the soil. Broadleaf weed control is also re-applied throughout the year. However, those treatments won’t last through the winter, so it’s important that you have pre-emergent weed control applied in early spring, before the soil gets to the right temperature for the weed seeds to germinate and grow.

Pittsburgh Weed Control in Spring and Summer

Prevent weeds from growing in your yard this spring, summer, and fall through Superior Lawn Care’s five-step program. With consistent applications, delivered by our trained and licensed technicians, you’ll be enjoying a green, healthy lawn throughout 2018 – even during the hot summer months. We provide free resprays and service calls for our full five-step program customers.

Superior Lawn Care services Pittsburgh and western PA, including Cranberry, Wexford, Penn Township, North Huntingdon, Indiana, Upper St. Clair, and most areas around the region. We help control weeds in your yard year-round. Give us a call today, and we can answer questions for you.