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Benefits of Preventative Grub Control

Homeowners in Southwestern Pennsylvania can experience various lawn care issues; one major problem is multiple types of white grubs.

Common varieties in the area include May/June Beetles, masked chafers, oriental beetles, and Japanese beetles. Grubs are the larvae of these beetles and can cause extensive damage to your lawn.

How to Identify Grubs

Grubs are small, soft-bodied, white insects that feed on grass and roots of turfgrass. They live underground and can cause severe damage to your lawn if left untreated. From early to late summer, beetles, depending on their species type, will lay their eggs on your lawn. Around mid-august through October, the eggs will hatch, which results in the larvae feeding on the roots of the grass plants.

How do I Know I Have Grubs on My Lawn?

The most common signs of grubs in your lawn are:

  • Wilting or discolored patches of grass.
  • Brown spots in the yard.
  • An increase in skunks or birds digging up the soil.

To confirm the presence of grubs, gently pull back a section of turf and look for creamy white grubs with dark brown heads. They typically lay on their sides in a C-shaped pattern.

As grubs feed on the grass plant roots, they destroy the plant and cause them to turn brown. Another sign is that the damaged area can be rolled back like a carpet. Grub damage can be both aesthetic and structural; they cause discoloration and wilting and can also destroy your grass’s root system, leaving it vulnerable to further damage from extreme weather or drought. Many times, grub damage is mistaken for drought damage by homeowners.

When left untreated, grub damage can continue to turn grass brown and prevent the grass from recovering in those areas.

Improtance of Preventative Grub Control

Preventative grub control is the best way to protect your lawn from grub damage. This involves applying Superior Lawn Care’s guaranteed grub control application to the soil between mid-June to early August before the grubs hatch. With this treatment, the grubs cannot feed on the lawn and cause damage.

Grub control is essential to lawn care and should be addressed if you want your lawn to remain healthy and attractive year-round. Taking proactive steps to protect your lawn from grubs will help ensure it is in the best condition possible. Contact Superior Lawn Care today to learn more!