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Take Advantage of Superior Lawn Care’s 2018 Special Offers

Now that 2018 is upon us, it’s time to think about your lawn. It’s true with the ice and snow we’ve been getting, spring seems like it’s far away, but now is the time to plan for your lawn care. Preparing early means that you’ll be ready to bring your grass back to life after the cold of winter is over.

There are several programs that Superior Lawn Care offers our customers to ensure that your property looks great year-round.

  • Lawn Care Program. The most important part of a having a healthy lawn is far more than just hoping for some rain and sun (and mowing the lawn once a week) once the summer comes. We offer a 5-step program that delivers that right amount of fertilizer and insect and weed control, applying at different times throughout the spring, summer, and fall. This treatment helps to keep your grass always looking its best, but more importantly, it benefits the overall health and durability of your lawn.
  • Perimeter Pest Control Program. You’ll find plenty of crawling insects around, and they’re more than just unsightly. They’re looking for shelter and food and are happy to set up shop in your home. Our perimeter pest control is designed to keep those insects out of your home by setting up an invisible barrier.
  • Tree and Shrub Program. Your lawn isn’t the only part of your property that requires care. Shrubs and ornamental trees require various types of fertilizer, and many plantings can suffer from insects and disease. Superior Lawn Care applies treatments that ensure your landscaping looks great during the whole year.
  • Bed Weed Control Program. Your landscaping gives your property curb appeal, but if it’s not tended to regularly, it will start to look overgrown. Landscaping is an investment, so we offer a program that keeps your landscape beds clean, even when your neighbor’s yards is a tangle of weeds.

Give Superior Lawn Care a call to learn more about our programs that give your property a beautiful look year-round.

Our 2018 Special Offers for New Customers
If you’d like become a new customer, we have some special offers that will allow you to see just how effective our programs are for your property’s appeal. If you’d like to begin one or more of these programs in the spring, click here to fill out our form. We’ll get back to you with an estimate.

  • Choose our 5 application Lawn Care Program and receive 5th application FREE, plus an additional 5% prepayment discount.
  • Choose our 5 application Tree and Shrub program and receive 5th application FREE, plus an additional 5% prepayment discount.
  • Choose our 5- 8 application Perimeter Pest Control Program and receive last application FREE, plus an additional 5% prepayment discount.
  • Choose our 5-6 application Bed Weed Control Program and receive the last application FREE, plus an additional 5% prepayment discount.

Superior Lawn Care’s service area covers the Pittsburgh area, including McMurray, Cranberry, North Hills, Cranberry Township, Moon Township, Greensburg, and Peters Township. Call us today.