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5 Things You Should Know About Your Lawn’s Springtime Care

April is National Lawn Care Month, and for good reason. The spring season is the time when your lawn care program starts anew, and when you lay the foundation for a successful lawn care year.

While it may look like there’s little to do until the weather is sunny and warm, your lawn is ready for care in March, April, and May.

Pittsburgh Lawn Care Tips

  • Fertilization Should Start Early. Winter weather, whether it’s harsh or mild, depletes your soil of nutrients. That means your lawn’s roots are waiting for the good stuff that will make them grow, but they can’t find it. Custom-blended fertilizer will replenish those nutrients in the soil, making your grass both green and thick.
  • Weed Control Isn’t Just for the Summer. Every month of the growing seasons brings weeds, so they aren’t just a spring-only occurrence. If the weather supports lawn growth, then the weeds will be there too. It’s important to have multiple applications for weed control, starting in the spring with broadleaf weed control. When dandelions try to take over your lawn, you’ll be ready.
  • Even in Spring, Your Lawn Needs to be Watered. While we’ve all heard “April showers bring May flowers,” you may not realize that your lawn will need to have a good, soaking rain every few days—and during the spring, you may not see that. If Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, you can do it yourself, but make sure it’s a deep soaking instead of a 10-minute spray session.
  • Your Lawn May Be Harboring Disease. Lawn diseases that were not apparent during the winter or that are caused by winter weather are starting to make an appearance. Several issues, like desiccation and sun scald, are winter problems, and snow mold is a fungus that can appear during the early spring.
  • Mowing Makes a Difference. Your mower height should be between 2 1/2 -3″ during the spring and summer. If you mow it too short in an effort to lengthen time between mowings, your grass may instead thin out, look less green, and allow more weeds and crabgrass to grow.

Make sure your lawn and property look beautiful this year with Superior Lawn Care’s scheduled Five-application Lawn Program. While April is National Lawn Care Month, your grass should be cared for every season to enhance your property and add to your curb appeal. Superior Lawn Care serves the southwestern Pennsylvania region, including North Huntingdon, Wexford, Moon Township, Cranberry, Murrysville, Penn Township, Upper St. Clair, and Indiana. Call or contact us today.