Insects will try to get into your home year-round. Superior Lawn Care can help get rid of these uninvited guests and will help make sure that your house is pest-free.
Most pest problems start on the outside, so Superior will pay special attention to areas around your home that provide easy access to the interior, such as foundation cracks, window wells, and door thresholds.

Reliable Pest Control with Our Annual Program

Perimeter Pest Control TreatmentOur perimeter pest control program provides an invisible barrier that will protect your home from crawling insects such as spiders, ants and centipedes.
Our annual program offers professional and timely treatments to protect your home against invading insects. We can provide up to eight monthly applications a year, starting in March and ending in October. A minimum of four to five applications is recommended to provide adequate control. If you live near a wooded area, you’ll likely benefit from the full program of eight applications.

If needed, we will provide a full respray guarantee for full program customers to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

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