Expert lawn care is important to many home owners and businesses owners. Having a well-tended lawn enhances curb appeal and makes your property stand out, but there’s much more to lawn care than mowing once a week. Superior Lawn Care’s Greensburg service offers customer fertilization, crabgrass control, and insect and weed control.

It’s easy to know when a lawn is well-cared for because it looks green and healthy. One of our customers, Rebecca from Greensburg, tell us, “My lawn looks great! My neighbor signed up for Superior Lawn Care because of how great my lawn looks. I took a year off from lawn care and that was a mistake. I’m happy I came back to Superior.”

Lawn Treatment Programs in Greensburg

Superior Lawn Care offers four main programs of service.

Lawn Care Program

A five-application program for Superior Lawn Care means that the right amount of fertilizer and nutrients, plus crabgrass, weed, and insect control treatments are delivered to your lawn from the early spring until the late fall. This is the cornerstone of our lawn care program, designed to keep you lawn healthy and the entire growing season.

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Trees & Shrub Care

Your ornamental trees and shrubs should be carefully maintained as they grow and become a more mature part of your landscaping. They require care to protect them from the insects, disease, and weather that can damage them. Our maintenance program keeps your trees and shrubs healthy so that they’ll look great for every season.

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Pest Control

Starting in the spring, insects will enter your home to look for food and a place to live. Ants, spiders, and centipedes are the most common culprits, and it can be difficult to keep them out once they have found a way into your home. Superior Lawn Care’s pest control service will create an invisible barrier between crawling insects and your house.

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Bed Weed Control

Many home and business owners have beds for their flowers, plants, and trees. Unfortunately, these areas can become choked with grass and weeds, making your beds look untidy. Superior offers ongoing applications to control the weeds that come through the beds, keeping them neat and clean.

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