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Avert the Dandelion Menace this Spring with Superior Lawn Care

Although spring in Pittsburgh is off to a chilly start, the dandelions will soon begin to sprout up all over your lawn. Dandelions look beautiful in a field, but when they invade your lawn, they take away from the manicured look you are trying to achieve.

To keep your lawn looking pristine as the weather continues to warm up, you need to take steps now to control the dandelions that will begin to sprout by May and will likely continue to plague your lawn throughout the fall.

Why is My Lawn Covered in Dandelions?Avert the Dandelion Menace this Spring with Superior Lawncare

Unlike other plants, dandelions don’t require pollination to grow and thrive in your yard because they have an efficient seed dispersal system of their own. Once the bright yellow flowers of the dandelion begin to wilt, they turn into a whitish, fluffy crown that is easily blown apart by the wind. This sends the seeds to other parts of your yard or can be picked up by a pet or someone’s shoes and transported to another area.

The dandelion steals water and nutrients from the plants and grass nearby, helping them thrive for extended periods of time. They also have a very deep root system that makes them a long-lasting weed that may survive for several years. Because of this extensive root system, pulling dandelions out of your garden or yard will not eliminate the entire root system, allowing the dandelion to regrow.

Although dandelions are challenging to get rid of homeowners can put a plan in place to ensure that dandelions are prevented from taking over their lawn and garden.

Tips for Preventing Dandelions

It’s best to start in the late winter and early spring before the dandelion seeds start floating around to get a head start on preventing dandelions.

To control dandelions, it is necessary to apply a broadleaf weed control now. These applications should continue throughout the remainder of the spring and summer. At Superior Lawn Care, our Five-Application Lawn Program treats your lawn with the perfect amount of weed control in the early spring season and then again throughout the growing season to help you prevent and control dandelions.

With our lawn care program, not only can you control the dandelions and other weeds in your lawn, but you can also provide your lawn with the nutrients needed during the spring, summer, and even fall to help your lawn continue to thrive. Our lawn care program also protects your yard from crabgrass, keeps it insect-free, and promotes root growth for a stronger, healthier lawn.

Don’t let dandelions take away from all hard work you’ve put into maintaining your lawn. Contact Superior Lawn Care today to get started with our Five-Application Lawn Care Program and enjoy a beautiful lawn this spring and summer.  We proudly serve homeowners throughout southwestern PA, including Indiana, Moon Township, Cranberry, New Stanton, Murrysville, Penn Township, McMurray, Wexford, Upper St. Clair, and North Huntingdon.