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3 Fall Services to Ensure a Healthy Lawn Year Round

As summer draws to an end, it is time to begin thinking about preparing your lawn for the fall. With Superior Lawn Care’s Fall Special Offer, your lawn will receive the treatments it needs to stay healthy throughout the fall, winter, and into the spring season.

Why Fall is a Great Time for Your Lawn’s Health

Fall weather provides a great environment for your lawn’s health to thrive. Your lawn will reap the benefits of the cooler temperatures and will also benefit from more moisture in the soil.

It is essential to take advantage of the fall season by ensuring your lawn gets the right nutrients, adequate fertilizer, and new seed. This will allow you to get the most out of this fall growing period, by helping your lawn develop a more resilient root system and become stronger overall to help your lawn prepare to go dormant in the winter.superior lawn care, fall special offer

By preparing properly now, your lawn will be ready to begin the growing cycle again in the spring and get its vibrant green color back. At Superior Lawn Care, our Fall Special Offer includes aeration, lime, and overseeding services to ensure a healthy lawn year round.

Aeration to Help Your Lawn Breathe

In Pittsburgh, much of the soil is hard clay, making aeration a vital part of maintaining your lawn’s health. Aside from the clay, your soil can also become packed down from people driving or walking over it, which is common with homes that are newly constructed.

When the soil is tightly packed and dense, it doesn’t leave much room for air, water or important nutrients to get to the roots of the grass, depriving it. Without these essential nutrients and elements, your lawn will grow unevenly, lose its healthy green color, and will become more vulnerable to damaging disease and the harsh elements of the cold winter weather.

Aeration creates space in your lawn and allows it to “breathe” better. For this service, we use a machine called a core aerator to dig into the ground to the roots and pull plugs of earth out. These plugs are then deposited on the ground. This process helps to loosen the soil and reinvigorate the packed soil and roots, allowing them to better receive food, nutrients, water and the air necessary to thrive.

This process also helps to reduce the layer of thatch or dead grass that accumulates on your lawn throughout the summer, helping to prevent the thatch from damaging your lawn’s root systems.

Lime Application for Better Growing Conditions

The acid and alkaline in the soil, known as your soil’s pH, needs to be balanced out to create proper grass growing conditions. This balance can be achieved with lime applications. Lime is made by grinding up limestone, a naturally occurring type of rock that is very high in calcium.

With much of the soil in Pennsylvania being too acidic to support proper grass growth, it is important to apply lime once a year to promote new growth and help your lawn receive fertilizer more efficiently.

Overseeding to Refresh Your Lawn

Once the aeration and lime application have been completed, the next step is to overseed your lawn. Overseeding is done to introduce new grass seed into your yard, helping to compensate for what may have been lost during the summer due to heat, disease or insect damage.

Aeration prior to overseeding will allow the grass seed to settle more easily into the soil, giving it a chance to germinate and grow more efficiently.

Our current customers can take advantage of our comprehensive Fall Special Offer of aeration, lime application, and overseeding at a discounted price by calling today to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve all of southwestern PA, including Greensburg, Indiana, Wexford, Uniontown, Indiana, Upper St. Clair and throughout the Pittsburgh area.