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How to Take Back Your Lawn From a Mole Invasion

The warmer weather brings a fresh beginning for your lawn and landscape. As the spring weather rolls in, it also brings moles to your lawn. These pests are a common problem in the Pittsburgh area when the weather begins to get warmer. Even though spring seems to be far away as we continue to brave the cold, we will eventually be venturing outside to soak up the sunshine, and at that point, as you enjoy your outdoor space, you may notice signs of mole activity.

Throughout the seasons, moles are searching your yard for food. Moles aren’t seeking grubs, the small white C-shaped pests that eat grass roots destroying your lawn and eventually grow into beetles. Moles would rather eat earthworms, a food source that is abundant in Pittsburgh.

Although you may not see earthworms very often, unless you garden, you’ve likely seen them after a soaking rain on your walkway or driveway. Earthworms are in your dirt in large numbers, providing the mole with an all-you-can-eat buffet underneath your lawn.

How do I Know if Moles Have Invaded My Yard?

It is essential to know how to determine if you have moles living in your yard so you can control them before they compromise your lawn’s health.  If your neighbor mentions having issues with moles, it could be a sign that your yard has been invaded as well. Moles do not abide by property lines, so if they are in your neighbor’s yard, nothing is stopping them from entering your yard and causing destruction.  mole damage

If you see physical damage in your yard such as tunneling on the surface of your property, this is another sign you may have a mole problem. Look for tunnels with small dirt mounds along the lines. These mounds are where the moles are entering and leaving the ground to search for food. During the winter, moles dig deeper underground, so they don’t leave behind and mounds or tunnels for you to notice. Once the weather warms up, you will see depressions in the ground caused by tunneling.

You may also notice that your yard is developing a series of holes. Rather than having a flat, even yard, you may find yourself stepping in holes as you walk around your property.

Combating a Mole Invasion 

There a few steps you can take to treat your yard for moles. When you notice surface tunneling, take a tamper or some other type of heavy tool and tamp the dirt down. This will fill in the tunnels made by the moles.

Once you’ve tamped down the tunnels, take a trip to your local home and garden store to speak with some of their mole control experts who can help you find the best type of traps for your yard. Depending on your yard, one of three of the following traps is commonly used:

  • Out O’ Sight Mole Trap
  • Spear Mole Trap
  • NoMol Mole Trap

For the best results, you will want to set several traps to ensure your mole problem is solved.

Expert Lawn Care and Pest Control Services

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